Teachers – we hope you will participate in Deer Camp 2016 on Nov. 14!

New this year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has developed a Deer Camp event for students in second through fourth grades.

“We heard about northern schools who had created this special day where students participate in deer camp before they or their family members head out to an actual deer camp, and we thought why not share this great idea statewide,” said Kelly Carter, DNR Wildlife Division Public Outreach manager.

Teachers that sign up electronically will receive a packet outlining activities that touch on many different subjects, from science to math to English to art and even gym. In addition, there is a short video from DNR deer management specialist Chad Stewart to kick off the fun event.

The idea is that a teacher can use the various pieces throughout the entire day, or just for part of the day. Some schools even start the day with breakfast for the students. What a great idea – it really is like deer camp!

Carter added, “Our biggest hope is that thousands of students will be participating. We would love for students to have fun while learning about white-tailed deer management and why hunting is an important tool. Hunters are great conservationists.”

Even though educators can use the activities any day they wish, the DNR hopes to have many participating on Nov. 14, since the firearm deer season begins the very next day. Last year, there were over 600,000 firearm deer hunters who took to the field on Nov. 15 in hopes of bagging a deer.

Hunting is a large economic driver for Michigan, having an annual impact of approximately $2.3 billion.

Educators who would like to participate in Deer Camp 2016 should fill out the online registration form before Nov. 10; however, the curriculum packet, a PowerPoint and other helpful information will be e-mailed to teachers within two business days of sign-up. For any questions, contact Kelly Carter at carterk@michigan.gov.

To learn about other wildlife education and outreach opportunities, please visit mi.gov/dnrteachers and click on “Wildlife Education and Outreach.”

Explore additional DNR education and outreach opportunities and resources at mi.gov/dnreducation.

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