Plano, IL Perhaps the most recognizable and well-respected ice angler ever to press tread against the ice, Brian Bro Brosdahl, has had a front-row seat to the evolution of modern ice fishing innovation. Bro has carved a spirited livelihood out of Minnesota’s north woods by fishing – and taking others fishing – for nearly 30 years. His experiences have taught him many lessons about what goes into a productive and enjoyable day in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or wherever he’s fishing.

Bro gives a great big bear hug to most fishing-related technology, readily espousing enthusiasm for any advancement that helps anglers catch more fish and have more fun. And the flip-over ice shelter lies at the heart of his affection.


“The portable, towable ice shelter has probably done more to revolutionize modern ice fishing than any other piece of gear since the gas-powered auger,” says Bro. “They’re mobile, provide protection from winter’s worst elements, and make it easy to safely stow and transport your gear.” In short, they make ice fishing more comfortable, and a lot more fun. But a lot of these shelters are still being built just like they were twenty years ago.

Frabill is changing that.

Offering signature options like SideStep Entry, quilted insulation, lightweight and durable alloy frames and a half-dozen distinct and innovative seating choices across 15 different flip-over shelter models, Frabill is at the forefront of modern ice shelter engineering and design. And Bro is right there alongside, offering Bro-fessional insights on the combinations of features that make up his ideal fish house.

New for the 2016/2017 ice fishing season, Frabill’s Model 2255 Pro Series Bro SideStepTM Shelter is the latest result of this slick collaboration. Featuring SideStep Entry, full quilted insulation, swivel boat-style seating and a custom arctic camo exterior, the new Bro SideStep represents Bro’s vision of the ultimate two-person shelter.


“The SideStep doors on each end allow two anglers fishing together to get in and out of the house without disturbing each other,” says Bro, who points out that they’d have to step over holes, electronics and a heater in order to exit a traditional front door shelter. “Bumping the heater, kicking slush into your partner’s hole, or snagging their line on your boot or zipper is neither safe nor cool,” Bro adds. “SideStep solves these problems.”

But the SideStep design has other key benefits, like allowing for a vertical front wall, which effectively maximizes the Bro SideStep’s 20 square feet of fishable space. “The vertical front wall creates more headroom, allows more room for hook sets and fishing longer ice rods, and gives you more options for gear and hole placement… and that is cool,” says the ice fishing icon. “And so is this house’s unique arctic camo exterior.”

In a world of cookie cutter ice shelters, a functional design and standout color pattern is something Bro says ice anglers will enjoy, but what he claims they’ll really appreciate is how much better the Bro SideStepTM does all the things a fish house is supposed to do.

“Full quilted insulation and swiveling, boat-style Frabill seats give this house all-day fishability,” says Bro, who is also quick to point out that the Bro SideStepTM accomplishes all this luxury without adding excess weight. “At only 90 pounds, it’s quite a bit lighter than most other insulated houses of this size, which is something many anglers don’t think about until they start lugging a house around,” he adds. The Bro SideStep’s folded dimensions are also surprisingly compact. “It’ll fit into the back of any pickup truck and even most mid-sized SUVs and crossovers.”

NEW Frabill Model 2255 Pro Series Bro SideStep Shelter
Item 640460

  • Rugged thermo-formed base
  • Alloy frame
  • Distinctive Arctic Camo exterior
  • SideStep entry
  • 20 square feet of optimized fishable space
  • Vertical front wall
  • Well-placed windows and openings
  • Modular Seating System (MSS) includes two Frabill Boat Seats
  • 600D tent construction
  • Full quilted insulation
  • Folded dimensions: 58.5″L x 35.5″W x 24″H
  • Dimensions when set up: 84″L x 58.5″W x 64″H
  • Weight: 90 lbs.

Average Retail Price: $599.99

“I choose Frabill because the company and their people are on the leading edge of the fishing industry,” Bro says. “You should, too. Their team is passionate about fishing and about bringing folks the most trusted outdoor gear to add value to their fishing experiences.”

Learn more about the all-new Frabill Pro Series Bro SideStepTM Shelter, along with their full line of flip-over shelters, hub-style shelters and other ice fishing gear at


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