One problem with being a multi-faceted sportsman is storing and organizing everything. If you’re like me, going from late fall fishing to waterfowl season to big game hunting to ice fishing and back presents a special set of problems. How do you store and organize everything in a limited amount of space in your basement, garage or man cave? The answer is products.

Storage is a major issue for most sportsmen. There’s equipment and specialized gear that we use for a few months of the year and then put it away until the following season. Fishing rods can be an especially troubling issue. Tossing them in a corner results in a massive tangle and is not a good idea and takes up an inordinate amount of valuable space. Anglers have rods that are used for certain species and techniques and ideally we prefer to have access to them when we need them without spending an hour untangling. has a solution that keeps rods orderly, snarl-free and utilizes a space that is convenient, out of the way and readily available- the ceiling. The ceiling rod rack holds up to 12 rods and reels conveniently and securely out of the way and mounts easily to the ceiling. The rack can accommodate rods either broken down and/or assembled depending on the length. The rack has enough space between rods that it can easily accommodate spinning, casting, trolling or fly-fishing reels. If mounting rods and reels on the ceiling isn’t the answer for your situation, also offers horizontal, vertical and freestanding rod racks.

Waders are another storage issue. Many sportsmen have several pair. If you’re like most sportsmen you have a heavier, neoprene pair for late season hunting and fishing, a medium-weight version for spring and fall outings and a lightweight breathable pair for summer fishing. Your better half might have a pair of waders, too. Throw in a pair of hippers for good measure. Waders are best stored in a hanging position that allows for plenty of air to circulate around them, eliminating odors, keeping them dry while also allowing them to maintain a natural shape to prevent cracking and bending. Doing so extends their life exponentially.


One option for storing waders is’s Snake Wader Hanger. The Snake Wader Hanger securely holds waders of all sizes and styles and is made of heavy-duty coated steel. The strong hook allows you to hang waders in doorways, closets or anywhere else you have room and easily move or retrieve them when you need to. Another option is a boot rack. A boot rack allows you to store boots and waders together out of the way on any wall. You can store up to four pair in one rack making the most of your storage space. Make it a point to keep waders and boots away from heating vents. offers similar storage options for coats and gloves. Rack’em’s 22-inch wide combination rack has eight large hooks for coats, jackets, hoodies and vests to keep them accessible and dry, can hold four pairs of gloves and has a shelf for sunglasses, calls, dog collars and incidentals. The mounting brackets for the rack are spaced 16 inches apart to hit wall studs and provide a sturdy, secure mount and the mounting hardware is included. also offers other coat and glove rack storage options.


Sometimes you have a little wall space or corner where you just can’t fit a whole rack. makes sturdy, individual, coated wire, mount- anywhere, easy hooks of various sizes that can be secured to the wall or pegboard. They’re perfect for mounting specialized equipment and paraphernalia. The only limit is your imagination when customizing your storage area with

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