Brown trout remain a critical part of the Lake Michigan fishery and provide extended nearshore and stream angling opportunities during the fall and winter months for Wisconsin anglers.

For 2017, the WDNR plans to stock 316,000 Seeforellen brown trout yearlings and 40,000 brown trout fall fingerlings into Lake Michigan. Seeforellen strain brown trout appear to survive better, live longer and grow larger than the Wild Rose strain, which has been discontinued.

Based on angler feedback received at recent public meetings and through an open comment process, WDNR intends to stock the fish starting in March according to the following allocation:

75 percent of the total yearly available brown trout yearlings will be distributed equally among the 11 counties where brown trout are stocked.

The remaining 25 percent will be allocated based on each county’s annual directed brown trout fishing effort and directed brown trout harvest rates relative to the number stocked. The higher the effort and harvest rates, the more fish that are allocated to each county.

The fall fingerling brown trout will be allocated based on the best professional judgment of fisheries biologists and Lake Michigan fisheries team members. Distribution of these fish will be discussed on an annual basis through the Fisheries Forum process.

For questions about the brown trout stocking plans, contact Todd Kalish, DNR deputy fisheries bureau director, at, 608-266-5285.

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