Kris Cram, director of sales for Six Pack Bags (, probably never dreamed he’d get much interest in his backpacks from waterfowlers at the 2017 ICAST show. But as soon as I saw the camouflage backpack it caught my eye. To be honest, if it hadn’t been camouflage I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look. The more I looked, the more intrigued I became.

The Six Pack Backpack is not just any backpack. It surely wasn’t designed with waterfowlers in mind, but it fits the demands of today’s waterfowler perfectly.


The core feature that separates the Realtree Expedition 300 from other backpacks is the preloaded Sure Seal Containers. The Realtree Expedition 300 comes with a removable meal core that has three 20-oz. Sure Seal Containers plus one travel-sized supplemental container and preloaded gel packs (two small, one medium) that slide into the core to keep food fresh and cool for 8 hours or more. The fact that it’s removable makes it easy to access and refill.

Shooting bags are not the best way to store food. Dogs step on shooting bags, they get bounced around on the bottom of the boat, decoys bags get thrown on top of them, shell boxes shift and squish and pretty soon your PB&J is the thickness of a chip at the World Series of Poker and your apple has more bruises than Mike Tyson’s girlfriend. The Sure Seal Containers are organized and independently accessible and can accommodate a couple sandwiches (one for the dog), a bunch of venison jerky, some of yesterday’s potatoe salad and any other treats you might want to bring along and keeps it cool and fresh with the included freezer packs. And in edible condition.

Waterfowlers though are all about gear. The Six Pack Backpack has plenty of room for gear. With an exterior of tough, water-resistant Endura-Poly material, the large main compartment can easily accommodate a couple boxes of shells, gloves, calls, hand warmers and more. The backpack has a fleece-lined pocket to protect sunglasses and other eyewear in front of a gusseted drop-down organizational pocket with a key ring, two electronics pockets, and a zippered internal door pocket that’s just right for licenses, cell phones, wallets and more. The pack has two exterior zippered pockets that are made for water bottles or a Thermos. The pack even has a felt-lined laptop sleeve and neoprene tablet sleeve if you can’t tear yourself away from Face Book for a day.

One of the advantages of a backpack versus a shooting bag is that a backpack leaves your hands free for carrying decoys, blinds and guns. With padded and mesh-lined shoulder straps for maximum cooling and a buckled, adjustable sternum strap for extra stability you’ll hardly know you have the Six Pack Backpack on. Dimensions: 12″L X 12″W X 17″H Weight: 7lbs.

Although my main focus is on waterfowling, the Six Pack Backpack can obviously be used for much more. The packs are perfect for hiking, exploring and day hunts in the mountains. The Six Pack Backpack also comes in a Realtree Expedition 500 model that features five Sure Seal Containers. For more information contact or call 314-406-2788.





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