A friend of mine who is a prominent outdoor personality and writer once told me that he’d rather fillet fish with a regular fillet knife than an electric knife. Granted, if you only have a fish or two to fillet it might not be worth getting the electric knife out. But if you have a pile of fish to clean I told him begged to differ. A short time after that my outdoor writer friend had a big day on the lake, tried an electric fillet knife and agreed that it was the only way to go.

I had a Rapala electric fillet knife that I really liked. It felt good in your hand and it came with two blades- a smaller one for panfish and a larger one that was good for everything else. Unfortunately, the Rapala knife died on one of our marathon fish filleting secession at Rice Lake in Ontario.


Since then I’ve found an even better alternative. The American Angler (ameriananglersusa.com) electric fillet knife makes quick work of everything from panfish to northerns. The comfortable ergonomic design reduces fatigue and stress during a long secession of filleting. The 110-volt power pack provides smooth power and consistent fillets with minimal effort.

The best part about the American Angler fillet knife is that it comes with five blades- a 5.5-, 8- and 10-inch serrated blades and an 8- and 10-inch SharkÔ blade. Flexible, hollow-ground Shark blades provide reciprocating two-blade action for greater precision and maneuverability. Shark blade technology results in reducing heat, fatigue and strain for improved life of the fillet knife. The dual serration and thin blade profile allow you to get the maximum amount of meat off the fillet. The knife does such a great job that you can read the paper through the carcass!


The knife also comes with a handy mesh carrying case that allows proper venting to eliminate moisture, odor and corrosion. The provided mesh fillet gloves prevent accident injury and cuts.

You can get more information on the American Angler line of products by visiting their web site or go to their Facebook site to order (https://www.facebook.com/americananglerusa/.) Good fishing and happy filleting!





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