My friend called me recently and asked, “What kind of bait box should I get for ice fishing?”

The answer was easy. I said, “You need to get in the Gruv!”

When I saw Gruv Fishing Bait Boxes at ICAST last year the light bulb came on- ice fishing jigs. The key features of their Micro Jig Box were it was compact and had a patent-pending silicone anchoring system. Tiny ice-fishing jigs can be a hassle to store, organize and keep dry. The Gruv Fishing Micro Jib Box seems to solve that problem.


The Gruv Fishing Micro Jig Box has a clear lid for visibility so you can immediately see which jig box you have and the jig you want. A stainless steel hinge pin dissuades the hinge from breaking at the most inopportune time and spilling your jigs down the hole. In fact, the immediate impression that you get when picking up the Gruv Micro Jig Box is that it is tough. It has a little heft, and gives the impression that its extremely durable because it has a strong polycarbonate box, yet is sleek, compact and easy to slip into a pocket. It weights 4.25 ounces when not full of tungsten jigs.

Nothing is more frustrating then opening your jig box and have the contents spilled all over. That won’t happen with the Gruv Micro Jig Box because the jigs are held in place by a slit silicone mat that offer unparalleled strength for securing jigs and neodymium magnets closures that guarantee secure, but quick access. The Gruv Micro Jig Box holds up to 72 smaller jigs securely.


Gruv Fishing also offers other boxes for your storage needs. Gruv Fishing’s Big Jig Box is perfect for larger ice-fishing jigs. It can securely hold up to 115 larger jigs or hooks. You know those jiggin’ lures like the Northland Tackle Puppet Minnow and Custom Jig & Spins RPM Minnow that are so effective through the ice, but such a pain to store? Gruv Fishing’s Hard Bait Box solves that problem. The Hard Bait Box feature a unique anchoring system for various sizes and shapes of hard baits to keep them separated with their finish intact and untangled. It weight 1.20 pounds and measures 2 x 7 x 9 inches. The Hard Bait Box can hold 15 large or 35 small hard baits. It utilizes the same strong and durable molded silicone anchoring system as the other Gruv Fishing boxes along with a clear lid, neodymium magnetic closure, stainless steel hinge and strong polycarbonate shell.

Change the way you store you ice fishing lures this winter and get into the Gruv! For more information on Gruv bait boxes and other innovative products contact Gruv Fishing at; 385-630-4788




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